Welcome to MIHI UMY

Master of International Relations – UMY aims to develop an academic culture of students through various academic activities for instance involving in Research Road designed and conducted by the department, joining the teaching assistance teams for an undergraduate program of International Relations, seminar, and national as well as international conferences. Besides, students are also required to disseminate their scientific works as presenter in the scientific forum such as a national and international conference, an ISSN accredited journal, a non-accredited journal, or an indexed journal. Our curriculum is designed comprehensively to prepare the students for a rapidly changing world with an analytical skill and techniques. Further, the students are expected to be able to unravel the national and international political obstacles through a systematic approach for making an effective decision. The program provides excellent facilities: a class equipped with the air conditioning (AC) and multimedia systems, a free Wi-Fi connection, and the other supporting units; library, Language Training Center, Research Center, and Diplomacy Simulation Room.