Abstract on Disaster Diplomacy

September 10, 2015 oleh : admin

The final target for this research is to identify the essence of natural disaster diplomacy in legislation product, to identify problems occurred related to natural disaster practice, to identify disaster issue that could be capitalized to build international cooperation.

Research location taken place in Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY), related to determination of DIY as high-risk disaster area of earthquake and Merapi eruption. Research population is bureaucrat, whether in executive or legislative level, in local government of DIY by stratified sampling method, random sampling.

Data collection done by distribute questionaire, in-depth interview to bureaucrat in local government of DIY. Data analysis done by statistical analysis to determine local bureaucrat knowledge and their policy to do disaster diplomacy.

First, there are big tendency that stakeholder of disaster issue in Yogyakarta, specifically from the local government do not have adequate knowledge about concept and actualization of natural disaster diplomacy. The natural disaster stakeholders only focusing to increase knowledge and skill to help victim of the disaster effectively and efficiently. This condition very visible from policy agenda of institutions like BAPPEDA, DPRD, PMI, BNPD, that they are more focus on mitigation policy.

Second, less responsiveness of the DIY local government in defining natural disaster issue as an important capital to build international cooperation. Indonesia’s Disaster Act do not regulate rigidly about disaster diplomacy variable as important instrument to do cooperation related to factors of disaster or non-disaster issue. This condition has impact to management perspective to posit natural disaster reactionary. The ahistory of natural disaster diplomacy on Disaster Acts has serious implication towards several anticipation programs and also mitigation that is more oriented to the disaster issue.

Third, institutionalization of natural disaster diplomacy as capital of international cooperation to increase the prosperity of community still so low even could be said that the stakeholder on BPPD, DPRd (peovince, city, kabupaten) from head level to technical staff do not know what is natural disaster diplomacy. BPPD and DPRD that having strategiv main task and function about local planning do not put natural disaster diplomacy clause as important clause to the planning and mitigation of natural disaster.

Keywords: Strategy on Natural Disaster Diplomacy, International Cooperation, Capacity Building