All issues related to Rohingya have captured the attention of the world’s public at this time. Responding to the current issue, the postgraduate of Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta held Focus Group Discussion (FGD) on Tuesday (5/9). The event which took place in the Meeting Room of Postgraduate Director of Level 1 was attended by lecturer of study program and graduate student. The speakers in this discussion are Budi Setiawan (Chairman of MDMC PP Muhammadiyah), Prof.DR.Tulus Warsito, Rahmawati Hussen, Ph.D and Ali Muhammad, Ph.D. this FGD was handled by Dr. Ahmad Sahide, S.IP., M.A. as the moderator.

Unclear information that has been circulating in Indonesia about the existence of Rohingya refugees makes unrest in the community. Issues that developed not only the issue of humanity, but also has developed into political and religious issues. According to Prof. True Warsito’s presentation in the discussion that took place during the day, the different cultural conditions between Rohingya and the local people were able to spur the problem that had lasted for hundreds of years. As we all know, Myanmar’s citizens are mostly Buddhists while the Rohingyas are Muslims. The lack of tolerance on both sides has also created a long-standing friction.

In terms of humanity, Budi Setiawan as chairman of the Muhammadiyah Disaster Management Center explains if the humanitarian principle in providing assistance is more important than religion or politics. He also explained that the MDMC has made a visit that is supported by the government of Aung San Suu Kyi. Without government support MDMC and some NGOs have difficulty getting into refugee areas because Myanmar is a very strict country impose foreign party rules. In this regard, the MDMC provides assistance in the form of health services, education and market mobilization. Budi Setiawan also explained the importance of market mobilization in order to make a good communication process between the Rohingya tribe and the surrounding people who are mostly Buddhists.

Indeed, this refugee phenomenon becomes a world problem when it is in the amount of hundreds of thousands. According to Dr. Surwandono, the Rohingya conflict stems from the case of primordialism. Where the dispute occurs because of the lack of mutual tolerance of both parties. In addition, the social construction factor of Myanmar society towards Rohingyas occurred due to lack of tolerance towards way of life, socialization and religion. The hope of the master program master of international relations is the various humanitarian activities brought by Indonesia to Myanmar able to make the position of the two parties who are arguing for the better. So confrontational relationships can be avoided.