First Round MIHI UMY’s Discussion

Maret 20, 2015 oleh :

Weekly Discussion, MIHI Students Academic Sharpening
Student Corps of Master of International Relations Program (MIHI) Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta collaborated with Human Resources Division organized first weekly discussion agenda (13/03/2015). Issuing theme of globalization and invited four presenters namely Ibnu Zulfan, Tsalsa Hanuziaty, Ahmad Baidawi, also Rahadin Arguby. Placed in 3rd floor Postgraduate Building, the occasion also attended by 18 participants.

Ibnu Zulian on his article about Muhammadiyah and Globalization explained the world development and several life sector, such as transportation, communication, also economy. “Muhammadiyah as Islamic organization having potential and central role to manage these several sectors so the globalization trends could be well-controlled,” he expressed. This student with his concentration on conflict resolution explained that globalization is an unaviodable process on international relations.

Meanwhile, Ahmad Baidawi expressed positive and negative impact for the occurance of globalization. For him, transparency of communication transnationally could accelerate economy to be more advanced. But on his point of view, uncontrollable information could make human tends to be more individualistic. “Globalization demand each individual to become rich and then it lead negatively to more real global economic disparity,” he described. Inline with Rahadin’s explanation that stated the spreading capitalism idea as the process of world globalization.

On the other side, Tsalsa Hanuziaty showed that Globalization Tripartite, is United States, Westerm Europe, and Japan. “With the phenomenon of globalization, these developed countries invested in large-scale towards developing countries, this then understood as a means of natural resources exploitation, roots of environmental pollution, and cause the collapse of country’s sovereignity internationally,” explained by this students from Semarang to conclude. (Hardi Al)