Welcome to MIHI UMY

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Master of International Relations of UMY (MIHI) has graduated a number of promising master students. MIHI’s curriculum focuses on Diplomacy, International Cooperation, and Conflict Resolution. MIHI strives to develop students’ experience through a number of academic and non-academic activities. Master students are involved in a number of researches conducted by MIHI and given the opportunities to work as the lecturer assistants in the undergraduate program.

The master students are required to disseminate their work and research in scientific forums, such as national and international conferences. MIHI provides the journal clinic to increase master students’ capacity in academic writing, and encourage the master students to publish their scientific work at ISSN journals or international indexed journals.

Students also have the opportunity to join the “sit in program” in universities that have collaborated with UMY. The program includes the visit studies at a number of universities in Southeast Asia, or one-year sit-in program in Spain.