MIHI Collaborative Research

October 10, 2018 by :

Master of the International Relations Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta held a forum for MIHI Collaborative Research on October 10th, 2018. The forum that consisted of lecturers and master students aims to discuss the research agenda and encourage the master students as the future scholars to contribute to the research, whether the national research that is granted by Ministry of Research and Technology and Higher Education and other grants provided by the international foundation.

As the head of the Master of International Relations, Dr. Surwandono outlined that in the following months, MIHI will focus on the research related to the development and humanitarian issues in Indonesia. One of the missions is to invent early warning technology to resolve the social conflicts in Indonesia.

Education crisis in the border areas is also the crucial problem that Indonesia ought to cope with. In order to improve the education for the children in the border area, MIHI will cooperate with Mrs. Ade Meiliyana, from Upperhand Initiative Malaysia to perform the research related to regulation and curriculum that can support the right of migrant and border-blurred children.

Beside social conflict and education, the recent disasters; Lombok Earthquake and Palu Tsunami, are also the problem that Indonesia needs to solve. After Yogyakarta Earthquake in 2006, and the establishment of Muhammadiyah Disaster Management Center or MDMC, MIHI has developed disaster diplomacy studies as the feature of MIHI. Hence disaster is one of the non-traditional issues in International Relations.

Dr. Ali Maksum, as the grantee of grant research from Sumitomo Foundation, explained the tips to write a competitive research proposal. Researchers not only have to generate the creative idea or interesting topic that will attract the institutions, but researchers also ought to be careful and precise in their writing. The use of the academic language and proper punctuations will also improve the research proposal competitiveness. MIHI collaborative research is expected to result in more than collaborative research, rather it can potentially become the think-tank institution that will contribute to the state’s development and society.