The previous May was the most crucial moment ever in the Malaysia political history. United Malays National Organisation or UMNO that has become the strongest party in the Malaysian government for decades, has been defeated by a coalition of four parties in Malaysia, Pakatan Harapan in The Fourteenth Malaysia Election, held on May 9, 2018. To understand further about the political dynamics in Malaysia, MIHI held a public lecture entitled “Dinamika Politik di Malaysia – Transformasi Kekuasaan Menjelang dan Pasca Pilihan Raya Umum ke 14”, on June 6th, 2018, with Mrs. Ade Meiliyana, a lecturer from International Islamic University Malaysia.


Mrs. Ade has comprehensively explained the political dynamics in Malaysia since the era of Tun Mahathir to Najib Tun Razak. During the leadership of PM Najib, there were a number of policy changes that had implications for the economy and welfare of the Malaysian people, but also reforms within the Malaysian government. 1MDB is a government company run by the Minister of Finance. 1MDB was established to enhance Malaysia economic development in the several areas, such as energy, tourism, real estate, and etc, through creating a global partnership and promoting foreign direct investment. Starting from 2015, 1MDB has been under investigation for its allegations to money laundering and PM Najib scandals.


There are some factors that support the triumph of Pakatan Harapan beside 1MDB and PM Najib scandals. Such as the enforcement of Goods and Services Tax that led to high living cost, social media, Pakatan Harapan political manifesto, the increase of people enthusiasm to involve in the election, especially from the young voters, and Tun Mahathir leadership factor. The 14th Malaysia election has shown us how Islamic values promote justice for all people despite their races and believes. Malaysian people have united to fight against the tyranny through peaceful means.