Testimony from Alumni

Michael York, Australia

"Master of International Relations UMY provides a friendly academic access to the foreign students , and has a comparative curriculum beneficial for both International Relations studies and work (Michael York, Australia)

Johan Ardil Kusuma

"Master of International Relations UMY offers and excellent curriculum in the field of International Relations with a comprehensive islamic approach," (Johan Ardil Kusuma, Lecturer UNTANG, Jakarta)

Ady Muzwardy

"Master of International Relations UMY has great lecturers by expertises supported by excellent teaching, research, and publication," (Ady Muzwardy, Lecturer  UNIDA, Gontor)

Ahmad Harakan

"Master of International Relations UMY gives me a big chance to develop a considerable scholarly character in the field of International Relations," (Ahmad Harakan, Lecturer UNISMUS Makassar).