Testimony from Master Students

Paulinho Saldanha, S.Kom.

I felt pleasure and grateful due to I could study at Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta. I am proudly as a master student of International Relation at UMY. The college where fully of dedication, whole science were teaching trough regularly classes and public lecturer are very empirical within academic, and absolutely it was very useful on my education carrier towards, the environments and the lecturers are very smart, humble and friendly, and so, it keep me more enthusiast to learning, reading and writing. Thus, I feel like I was gaining these science in my home land, Timor Leste.

Huge thank UMY for having me during Twenty months, and thanks for created me as young and global on knowledge.




Siti Nurtina
I have many reasons to study at Master of International Relations (MIHI) of UMY. I am very interested in matters relating to the international world and involved in it such as political, social, legal, and cultural issues. There are several universities that have majors of HI Master with more or less the same subject matter. However, there are different from MIHI UMY, in addition to general lecture materials similar to other campus, MIHI also held courses related to the Islamic world both in terms of politics and figures of Islamic thinkers.

This is in line with the vision of UMY's mission to make the youth of students stay ahead and be Islamic and young worldwide. In addition, lecturers also have interesting and professional teaching style and characteristics in their field of science, starting from providing up to date lecture materials on contemporary and easy-to-understand HI issues, as well as learning methods using various media that support teaching and learning process. Not only that, the lecturers are able to answer the students' confusion and question well, presenting examples that relevant to the topic they teach. Moreover, the administrative staff is very friendly towards the students who come take care of anything in Teaching Service Room (TU). These things are like enough reason to be excited and enthusiasm to study in MIHI UMY.