Vision and Mission


  • “Our vision is to become the prominent Master Program of International Relations in Indonesia on developing knowledge and academic skills in International Relations Studies, and contribute to humanity in 2o21.”



  1. Preparing the students to become leaders with academic and professional capacities, and be able to implement International Relations science to contribute to international cooperation, conflict resolution, and diplomacy.
  2. Preparing the master students to implement International Relations science to increase community living standard and enrich the national culture;
  3. Supporting the establishment of the democratic, virtuous, and civil society that empower the Islamic values.



General goal:          

Alumni of MIHI are expected to become excellent in the various field, such as education, bureaucracy, research, and be able to implement their knowledge to support society and national development.

Specific goals:

Alumni of MIHI are expected to:

  1. Have the adequate competences of the International Relations studies and adhere to Islamic morals and principles.
  2. Contribute to the development of academic traditions in International Relations through national and international publications.