The Master of International Relations (MIHI) Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) proudly presents MIHI Lecture Series for this month. This agenda was held on the last Friday 10 March 2017. The key speaker is the head of the Department of International Relations, UMY as well as the MIHI’s lecturer, Dr. Nur Azizah, M.Si., entitled ”Indonesian Migrant Workers Advocacy and Indonesian Diplomacy.” As the moderator is Dr. Ahmad Sahide and also attended by MIHI graduate students.

As Dr. Nur Azizah is the one of the gender studies experts in Indonesia, she has examined the topic on the Indonesian migrant workers from the gender perspectives. She believes that gender based studies on Indonesian migrant workers is important as of 84% of the workers are female. Meanwhile, under the gender perspectives she could easy and deeply understand the real problems of the Indonesian workers.

Along with the complexity and dynamics of the Indonesian migrant workers, she urges the Indonesian government to revise and amend the Indonesian migrant workers act to be more gender oriented. As the majority of Indonesian workers are women gave significant impact on the social construction in the society as well as the bad image of the Indonesian female migrant workers. The Act is required in order to protect and give adequate assistance to them. She also adds that, many of Indonesian female workers went abroad not only pushed by economic factors, but also being triggered by personal problems especially with their family.

She argues that the current act could not resolve the real problems faced due to the policy makers are generally male which not comprehensively understand the female’s problems. In the meantime, there are different perspectives on the female workers whether government apparatus as well as the people. For instance on the ‘domestic worker’ (italic by original), she insists that domestic worker or helper is the low skills job. In contrast to this, Indonesian female workers are perceive that those kind of the job is a normal job with a normal condition and did not have any relationship with the social status as long as could create a better wage compared to Indonesia. Many people also view that the housemaid is the normal job and this is recognized by Islamic jurisdiction called, Halal job. They did thieve and even did not rob anymore.

She concludes that the only solution for above problems is the government should formulate the gender based Indonesian migrant workers act especially for “domestic worker”.


Some of the lecture’s visualizations are as below