Publication of Article

The target of this research is to identify the value of disaster diplomacy on legislation product, identify appearing problems related to disaster diplomacy practice, identify disaster issue to capitalize for enhancing international cooperation.

Research location was in DIY Province, related to attribution of DIY as high-risk disaster region for earthquake and Merapi erupsion. Research population is bureaucracy, whether in the excecutive or legislative level, in regional government if DIY Province by stratified random sampling method.

Data collection done by questionaire, in-depth interview to bureaucracy official in DIY Province regional government. Data analysis done using statistical analysis to meassure level of knowledge from regional government bureaucracy and DIY Province regional government policy in disaster diplomacy.

First, there is major tendency that stakeholders of natural disaster in DIY Province, especially from regional government bureaucracy level do not have adequate knowledge about concept and actualization of disaster diplomacy. The stakeholders only focused on increase knowledge and skill to help victims of the disaster effectively and efficiently. This condition barely seen from institutional policy agenda from BAPPEDA, DPRD, PMI, and BNPD that more focusing to the mitigation policy.

Second, the DIY Province regional government is less responsive to define disaster issue as important moda to build international cooperation, and merely following the regime of Indonesian Disaster Law that do not regulate rigidly about variable of disaster diplomacy as important instrument to disaster or non-disaster cooperation. This condition is very impacting the management to view the disaster reactionary. Ahistory of disaster diplomacy concept in Disaster Law has serious implication  towards mitigation and reconstruction disaster program, that merely orientated to the disaster physicly.

Third, institutionalization of disaster diplomacy as international cooperation moda to increase community prosperity is very low, even could be said that stakeholders from BAPPEDA, DPRD, and technical worker do not know what disaster diplomacy is. BAPPEDA and DPRD as a side having strategic main duty and function (tupoksi) do not include disaster diplomacy clausul as important clausul on the natural disaster mitigation.

Key words: Natural Disaster Diplomacy Strategy, International Cooperation, Capacity Building