In the middle of this month, MIHI just accomplished a double achievement.

First, MIHI earned an international grant from Malindo Research Center Malaysia to host international workshop on “Migration, Hijrah and Ummah in Nusantara and Beyond: Paradigms of Harmony, Contestation and Transformation.” The workshop is expected to be organized on early of August 2017 which is fully funded by the Malindo collaborated with the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA), Sweden. This is a gold opportunity to MIHI UMY as the committee of the workshop to build international network and collaboration. The participants of the workshop are from three main countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia and Sweden. The MoU was signed between MIHI head of department Dr. Surwandono and head of patron of Malaysia Indonesia Research Centre Malaysia, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Reevany Bustami.

Second,  MIHI was honored to be invited to join and strengthen international collaboration under Asia Pacific Peace Research Association (APPRA). This year, APPRA will organize an international conference in Penang Malaysia and MIHI along with some other universities such as Universitas AMIKOM will granted as membership in the conference.