MIHI Held Welcoming Party for New Master Students

September 26, 2017 oleh : admin

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Student Association of Master of International Relations (MIHI) Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta held a welcoming party for the new comers on Sunday, September 24th 2017. A welcoming party which was held at Lesehan Sego Wiwit, aims to strengthen friendship and solidarity among students of Master of International Relations, and introduce the events that will be organized by KORPS MIHI over one semester. At the beginning of the event, all of the attendees were really enthusiastic to introduce themselves. Thus we knew that everyone has come from different part of Indonesia, and had varied enthusiasms and passions towards International Relations course.

There are some agenda that will be held by KORPS MIHI over one semester, such as group discussion and lecture series, workshop to improve students’ writing skill, international conference, public speaking training, etc. As the lecturer of International Relations program, Dr. Ali Maksum encourage the students to involve in a number of activities that may support masters’ academic experience, such as engaging in various research, as well as teaching experience in undergraduate program.

Being a graduate student of course will be little bit different from being an undergraduate student. We have to force ourselves to know more, understand more, and read a lot, as Dr. Ahmad Sahide said. Dr. Ahmad Sahide also added, never take for granted the experience that we may obtain outside the class, as it would be more powerful rather than what we have learnt from the class. As the proverb says, “experience is the best teacher”.

After having tasty lunch together, some students had to deliver their hope, thought, and impression as the future master of International Relations. International Relations program always encourages us to have broader knowledge about problems that transcend national boundaries. One of the attendees, a new student of master program of International Relations, Mr. Widodo said that he was really grateful to study International Relations, as it is really beneficial for his career as a businessman, and complement what he has not learned in the business. “I hope I can finish reading all those thick books and become the real master”, Mr. Widodo chuckled.