Dr. Ahmad Sahide, S.IP., M.A., the Secretary Program of Master of International Relations Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) joined the International Conference on Law and Political Science (ICLPS) held by ACADEMICSERA on 23th-24th April 2018. The conference took place at Mercure Hotel in Istanbul City.
Dr. Ahmad Sahide came to the conference to present his paper entitled Donald Trump; Islamic World and Globally Political Order of Indonesian Perspective in front of the researchers coming from some countries, such as Libya, South Africa, Algeria, Iraq, Thailand, dan Turki.
Ahmad Sahide is happy to have chance in joining the conference because it was on of the way to have international experience and to have friends from all over the world. In joining this conference, Ahmad Sahide got financial support from the university. This is one the ways for the campus (UMY) to develop the human resources in facing the competitiveness era.