MIHI Lecture Series on Clean Diplomacy

Mei 13, 2017 oleh : admin

The monthly discussion of MIHI lecture Series was held on Friday (12/5). This monthly event provides a new insight on International Relations issues. At this session, we brought an interesting theme on Clean Diplomacy in an increasingly open society. This was delivered by Prof. Dr. Tulus Warsito. He explained how the implementation of clean diplomacy in an increasingly homogeneous society. In the context of International Relations, the diplomacy was has long been described as a bad connotation. He also added how the concept of diplomacy generally could implement a clean diplomacy. It was undeniable that the practice of diplomacy was theoretically influenced by western paradigm.


However, a clean diplomacy among global community is a necessity. Clean diplomacy has nothing to do with green diplomacy and he offered the diplomacy from Islamic perspective. The concept of diplomacy consists of transparency, honesty and accountability. He insisted that “Clean diplomacy refers to Diplomacy which is free from deviations.” According to him there are two important things in diplomacy during negotiation process. First is the internal interest/national interest. The second is the political reality concerning international law and regime. In the Islamic perspective clean diplomacy is related to the consistency of responsibility to the people under the Qur’an and Hadith. In that sense, the implementation of diplomacy is based on the interests of the ummah or rahmatan lil ‘alamin both for themselves, for enemies and for the universe.