MIHI UMY has made a great achievement before end of this year following the successful of the international conference organized by the Association of the MIHI UMY Students. The international students conference on humanity issues (ISCOHI 2016) entitled “Young Speakers on Global Issues.” The committee has invited three reputable keynote speakers from different countries. The three speakers are Dr. Ali Muhammad (Dean of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, UMY), Mr. Christopher Woodrich (Canada), and Mr. Paulino Saldanha (Timor Leste).

During the conference, participants are highly enthusiastic to present and offers some recommendations in particular topics. It is expected that through this event, the MIHI UMY students could explore their ideas and exercise them self in international environment. They have demonstrated as good and quality speakers. The head of the committee, Ms. Tika was expressed her high gratitude to the all committee members that have hardly worked.

The committee was also appointed one of the best speaker in the conference as appreciation to the participants. As the winner is Mr. Hariwibowo from Indonesia who has present about West Papua’s referendum in 1969.

On behalf of the head of MIHI UMY Dr. Ali Maksum as program secretary of MIHI thank to all the committee members as well as the participants for join this conference due to the head of MIHI UMY Dr Surwandono could not attend this event. The ISCOHI  2016 was also obtained wide attention from the local newspapers following the coverage of the event in the paper.

Kindly click the following link to watch the ISCOHI 2016 conference highlight : ISCOHI 2016