TOEFL Tutorial, Develop Students Language Skill

Student Corps of Master of International Relations Program Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta organized Language Tutorial class on Friday (20/03/2015). The occasion organized in Room 303 3rd Floor Postgraduate Building was targeted to give comprehension about TOEFL to the students. Referring to the case that the MIHI students, except is demanded to be excellent in science, also is demanded to be expert in language.

Nurul Yusnita, as the tutor, said that to be adept in TOEFL in short period they needed to exercise routinely by answering TOEFL question, plus also discuss intensively with their friends about TOEFL. “The level of difficulties whether listening, reading, also structure more or less is similar. If the students have routinely practice and understood the basic principle of sentence arrangement, so whether the sentence is very long or not, would be easy to analyze,” expressed by this Instructor of Language Training Center UMY. Referring to her, MIHI students is relatively fast learner in TOEFL, because they already have basic knowledge about three components of TOEFL. For her, the TOEFL participants are very enthusiast and critical to answer the questions she provided.

Besides should routinely practice and focus on answering TOEFL questions, this alumnus of Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta explained to the students to be more paying attention to the time efficiency to answer the question. Considering time allocation provided is very limited. “My recommendation is do not stuck with only one question, but quickly move to the other questions. The key to do TOEFL test successfully is “just do your best, then you will get great score,” she described.

On the other side, Tsalsa Hanuziaty as Chief of MIHI Corps expected through this language training, ut then could helps the students to get tips and tricks to be easier to understand TOEFL. “The hope is when the students graduated later, they are not only adept in IR science, but also adept in language skill. This language training was organized to supply the students before entering working-world that significantly needs language skill,” expressed by this student that also learning Mandarin language. (Hardi Al)