Admissions are open throughout the year by manual or online systems. The candidates are can directly go to UMY Admission Bureau or MIHI office in the Post Gradaute Building 2rd floor by submitting the following documents:

  • Photocopy of Diploma and undergraduate (S1) transcript from all field of studies that already legalized, 1 copy
  • Color ID photo 3×4, 4 photos
  • Admission payment fee is 250.000 IDR
  • The students also could register via online in UMY postgraduate website.

Admission Period:

  • Regular Service, Odd Semester Period, March-August
  • Regular Service, Even Semester Period, September-December


  • Selection towards new students done by considering academic and professional qualification from new student candidates, namely English Test and Academic Potency Test done every Saturday, and an interview.
  • Selection result would be sent via email post by 2 weeks.