Vision and Missions


Become prominent Magister Programme on International Relations Studies in Indonesia on developing knowledge and skill on the International Relations discipline, contributes to humanity in 2o2o.


  • Preparing the students to be community leaders having academic and professional capacities to implement International Relations studies to manage international cooperation;
  • Preparing the students to develop and spread International Relations studies, especially international cooperation studies also actively implement it to increase community living standard and also enrichening national culture;
  • Supporting civil society building that is democratic and noble by take the role as independent and Islamic moral strenght.

Study Programme Target

Common Target:
Creation of master of international relations having ability as excellent educator, bureaucrat, and researcher in applicating science they studied, to be useful for country and society.

Specific Target:

  • Creation of alumnus that have competencies theoritically and practically in International Relations area, standardized nationally also internationally, that have strong Islamic values.
  • Creation of scientific efforts from civitas academics in national and international publication contributing to the development of International Relations Studies.