Master of International Relations Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta has held public speaking and micro-teaching training titled “How to Be a Good Lecturer”. This training was organized by Student Association of Master International Relations (KORPS MIHI) on Monday, October 23, 2017. It aimed to improve masters’ speaking skill in various forums, especially for those who aspire to become lecturer. Some participants were directly asked to perform teaching and get coached.
According to Dr. Sidik Jatmika; as lecturer of international relations program; who has also achieved extensive experience in broadcasting and public speaking, being a lecturer is not only about what course that we ought to prepare before teaching, but also how to make the course becomes more interesting, and build effective communication with students. Before teaching, a lecturer should train his intonation and pronunciation, so that students as communicants will understand the course delivered by the lecturer. An attractive presentation will also make students more passionate and improve their understanding about the course. A lecturer should prepare interesting slides, starting with illustrations or images that can arouse students’ critical thinking, then asking what can they understand from those pictures.
A lecturer should also be confident, and become a figure who inspires students to learn and achieve more. Being an inspirational figure can be achieved with practicing and reading a lot, and establishing good communication with students. Teaching college students may requires ability to control emotion and understand the psychological condition of students. Unlike school aged students, college students are more mature, have broader knowledge and experience, and more open to discuss about complicated matters. On the other hand, mature students also tend to be more difficult to be organized. Therefore, it is necessary to explain them about the class’s rule at the beginning of the course to make sure the class will run optimally.