Research Abstracts

1. Disaster Diplomacy Abstract
Content Analysis on Disaster Diplomacy Regime in Indonesia

Surwandono and Ratih Herningtyas
This paper aims to analysis some governmental regulations on disaster issues in Indonesia to understand government disaster diplomacy practices. Indonesia is a country that has significant levels of exposure to natural disaster such as earthquake, tsunami, volcanic eruption, drought, flood, and cyclone. Some of the most destructive natural disasters happened in Indonesia were the earthquake followed by tsunami that hit Aceh on 2004, earthquake hit Yogyakarta and Central Java on 2006 and volcanic eruption of Mount Merapi Yogyakarta and Central Java 2011. Learning from Aceh Tsunami, disaster can be utilized as a strategic means of diplomacy to resolve conflict, increase cooperation between state, as well as social capital to solve certain problems in disaster prone areas. Unfortunately, another natural disaster cases in Indonesia have shown that important government stakeholders on disaster issues have less understanding on how to conduct disaster diplomacy.
Using content analysis by selecting important signs, which have suited meaning with disaster diplomacy as main specific message toward five governmental regulations on disaster issues, this paper found that government stakeholders still have less understanding on disaster diplomacy because of first, the regulation on disaster management in Indonesia is less regulate about conception of disaster diplomacy. Second, government regulation is less articulate on how to construct and conduct disaster diplomacy as important tool on disaster management.

Keywords : disaster diplomacy, Disaster regulation, content analysis