The public lecture was held in conjunction with the current situation in Syria which tend to be more complicated. ISIS and Syria are the two terms which obviously important following the high escalation of conflict in the Middle East. The lecture was delivered by Dr. Alam Saleh, a lecturer in Middle Eastern Politics at the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies, University of Exeter, UK. The audiences especially students were enthusiastic and raised tough questions to Dr. Alam. The lecture was guided by Dr. Ali Maksum the program secretary of MIHI UMY. The lecture was organized by three institutions, MIHI UMY, IGOV Program, and Graduate School of Islamic Studies UMY. Among the attendance are Dr. Ahmad Sahide (head of quality management MIHI), Dr. Ali Muhammad (Dean of Faculty of Social and Political Sciences UMY) and Dr. Eko Priyo P. (head of IGOV Program UMY).