In order to improve the academic quality of students and lecturers, the postgraduate of Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta held a public lecture on Monday (4/9). Located in the seminar room of the 4th floor graduate building, the event was attended by the head of department and department of study staff of each department. Applicable as a speaker is Prof. Run Adams from Victoria University Melbourne. On this occasion, Prof. Run Adams explained the importance of supervising support to students who do research. Their support is needed to produce creative research. Where creativity is achieved by combining various things that are contradictory though.

The general lecture, attended by hundreds of students from various disciplines, provides tips on being a creative researcher. One of them is to start a creative research from simple problems. Where as a researcher, should find out whether there are problems that can be taken from the results of past research. Lecturer and researcher from Victoria University Melbourne also explains there are a number of strategies in producing creative theses. The first is a harmonious relationship between the researcher and the supervisor or mentor. Counselors should provide controversial feedback or advice. While for researchers or students able to express what is desired from the study. And no less important is to ask about things that are not understood in the process of research. With a balanced relationship between researchers and mentors, able to foster self-confidence for students or researchers. So the creative thesis is not a necessity.

In the last segment, Prof. Run Adams provideds input so that researchers or students can write important points in his research. Starting from the introduction, to the conclusion. Because by way of writing these points, we can know what happened repetition in the previous paragraph.