Following the MIHI UMY academic visit to UMS Sabah, a group of UMS academician was visited to MIHI UMY 22 May 2017. The UMS team was led by Dr. Mohamad Puad Bin Bebit, Mdn. Salmie Jemon and Dr. Syahrizat. The UMS team was received by the head of program Dr. Surwandono, M.Si., accompanied by academic staff such as Dr. Ali Maksum, Dr. Ahmad Sahide, S.IP., M.A., as well as the editor in-chief Journal of International Relations (JHI) Ade Marup W., S.IP., M.A. Around one hour the UMS team discusses so many academic issues especially on academic and staff exchange that eager to be implemented soon in the next semester. This would be a good opportunity not only for USM lecturers, but also for MIHI and Department of International Relations (HI) UMY lecturers to join this program. Under this program, it expected that the UMS lecturers will visit UMY around one-two weeks to conduct academic teaching. And vice versa, the MIHI and HI staff would have opportunity to teach IR in UMS Sabah whether for undergraduate as well as for master program. As closing welcome, the UMS team was invited to getting around Jogjakarta city tour. The MIHI UMY was honored to receive UMS delegations. Hopefully, this is a good start to realize both institution academic relations.