Continues Programme

Continues Programme Academic Service
Continues Programme Academic Service is a programme that aimed to undergraduate students (S1) of International Relations Department Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta those who interested to continually pursue to the master degree at Master of International Relations (MIHI). This programme is more affordable in term of cost and study period which is more shorter than normal system. Through this programme the students are not required to register and conduct selection process in MIHI Office and also enabling the students to quickly write the undergraduate thesis and postgraduate thesis. Incubation system is a system that arranged to make the students more conducive and productive atmosphere to study. Specifically, the candidates would have some academic advantages such as:

    1. Continues Programme Card
    2. No registration and selection process required
    3. The students are guided and give opportunity to have a suitable research title so as to sincronized between undergraduate thesis and master thesis in MIHI Programme
    4. The students are compulsory to joint research methodological clinic service to make the writing process of undergraduate thesis proposal and master thesis more faster
    5. The students get access to research materials related with the undergraduate and master thesis arrangement and writing
    6. The students get more friendly academic atmosphere during this process through classical model and be scheduled regularly

Registration and Fee
Registration can be done by the new students of International Relations Department once they will register to the university admission bureau, or during the undergraduate candidature (ongoing).
For more details the candidates can visit MIHI Office or Department of International Relations Office during the office hours. The fee for registration is 1.750.000, IDR.